About Us

Malatya designed with modern lines in the city center with friendly and experienced staff, quality service as its principle Avsar Hotel 1 king size, 3 jacuzzis, 5 suites and 66 rooms, 135 beds at your disposal as a total.Our hotel is also a 700-seat restaurant, 600-seat multipurpose hall, a 700-seat terrace (closed) to 100 persons lobby for events with 150 people parlors friendly staff are waiting for you to make the player.
Malatya is located only 30 km to the air field.At the heart of the business center of Malatya Avsar Hotel is located where, as well as its proximity to the entertainment and shopping center in the free time you'll have a good time. At the heart of the business center of Malatya Avsar Hotel is located where the proximity to the entertainment and shopping centers as well as for leisure will allow you to enjoy yourselves.Green areas and historical attractions within walking distance of the city's history will allow you to make the journey to.
Malatya Avsar Hotel De unique hospitality awaits you.
In the service sector, friendly service, and friendly approach with the principle of trust Avsar Hotel guests with professional staff to meet the expectations of the emphasis is on the highest level.
Customer satisfaction oriented friendly service in our understanding of corporate structure in Malatya city hotel to take our place in the top spot.
* Service of customer satisfaction
* Corporate understanding of management
* Friendly staff
* Hospitality
* Being open to development
* Reliability and sincerity
* Comfort and technology services to offer